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Enjoy the freedom of mobile light and energy wherever you go. POWERplus® introduces Nighthawk, the torch/charger using the absolute latest LED technology.

This wind up torch combines traditional LED’s with the power of a new generation 0,5W LED, for producing a powerfull beam of light.

Nighthawk comes standard with a Nokia cable to charge your mobile phone by using dynamo power. Adapter tips for other brand mobile phones are available.

Technical details

Maximum brightness
0,5 W LED - 150.000 MCD
5 MM LED - 30.000 MCD

0,5 W LED - 10 LM
5 MM LED - 4 LM

LED life time
0,5 W LED - 10.000 Hours
5 MM LED - 50.000 Hours

Shine time after 1 minute winding
0,5 W LED - 20 Minutes
5 MM LED - 90 Minutes

Talk time after 1 minute winding
2-8 Minutes

Standby time after 1 minute winding
20-30 Minutes

Charging time AC
2 Hours

Shine time fully charged
0,5 W LED - 4 Hours
5 MM LED - 12 Hours

Battery Power Shine time fully charged
0,5 W LED - 20 Hours
5 MM LED - 60 Hours


POWERplus® Nighthawk Ultra Bright Dynamo LED FLASHLIGHT/POWERBANK Wind up Torch Nighthawk Wind up torch



Eco Pro Torch

This torch also features a USB cable to enable full charging from any PC, and a 12v/24v adapter for charging from any vehicle. A full charge gives an incredible 24 hours of continuous light and you will never need to replace a bulb or battery - so no future costs and guaranteed light when you need it most.

The generator can also be used to emergency charge most popular makes of mobile phone. Charging cable and tips are included for Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and iPhone. Other tips are available. When connected to a mobile phone, a minute of winding can provide around 3 minutes of talk-time.

FIVE super bright LED lamps give 20,000mCd's each -that's 100 candle power of brightness in total - and each LED has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours! Any unused charge remains stored in the built-in Nickel Hydride power cell. NgaN - LED's are virtually indestructible and the body is made from impact resistant, splash-proof ABS plastic for indoor and outdoor use, and features a soft-touch high-grip finish.


On the technical side, this torch is equipped with the latestVentus generator, which uses an amazing contact-less triple-phase induction system which achieves very high power for minimum physical effort. The gear transmission system uses dissimilar polymer composites specially created to minimise wear and noise, with internal bearings made from stainless steel and phosphor bronze for accuracy and durability.

Ventus take a responsible attitude to the environment, and this is carried through in the product packaging which is eye-catching and innovative, but substantially formed from recycled materials, and is totally recyclable.

Shark Wind Up Torch

POWERplus® Shark wind up torch

Enjoy the freedom of mobile light wherever you go. With the professional waterproof Shark torch you benefit from the newest technology LED light. You can select the mode for 2 conventional 5mm LEDs or select for the powerful 1W LED for a super high beam of light visible for 10 Kilometres.

The world’s first waterproof dynamo flashlight/charger. The Shark torch comes with a DC-charger, standard Nokia cable and 7 adapter tips, which cover 90% of all mobile phones.


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